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For transom repairs, you may drill vertically down through the transom, and then pour in "GIT"-ROT. For decking, drill thru the surface to treat the wood underneath. Holes left by drilling may be filled with a mixture of dry saw dust. What if there were an easier way to repair rotted wood out of a boat transom without the extensive labor and expenses? There is. Git-Rot is a two-part liquid epoxy designed to fill and restore wood back to its original strength by. You're viewing: Git Rot Kit $ 24.58 – $ 94.75 Select options We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use. That's basically all that "Git Rot" is. You will note in the Test Section that of the 6 ml of "Git Rot" applied to the balsa wood, less than 25% was absorbed. The basic problem here is that "Git Rot" or.

Dry rot is one of the frequent problems for anyone repairing their aluminum boat’s wooden transom, which is why it’s a good idea to seek out a Git-Rot Kit for repair. This kit utilizes a two-part liquid epoxy that can penetrate the rot and. Git Rot will not be a good solution for a soggy and rotten transom. The rotten plywood must be removed and proper repairs made. Either cut enough of one side of the transom to access and replace the damaged plywood or cut the. epoxies like Git Rot and they didn't work, and simply, it won't work no reason given. I'll dismiss the last one, and concentrate on the other two. First, I agree that Git Rot doesn't work well. There are several reasons, but I'd like. 2009/05/04 · the bottom two look like someone tightened them up, crushed the glass and just sank into the transom, causing water to get in and rot the wood. I dont know how to check if the entire transom is rotted, but I tapped all over with a.

2010/12/05 · Your repair approach will not fix much with a delaminated, dirty and wet core. You may not see rot, but I'll bet you have plenty, probably at the bottom of the transom core and working it's way up, you see gravity always pulls the. 2002/11/17 · Re: Git Rot SHelms8844, I had a 16' AMF Crestliner where I used GitRot to strenghten a soft transom.It did work well,but must be mixed thoroughly before use.It is a 2part liquid epoxy designed to soak into rotted wood fibers.I drilled. Don’t let wood rot damage your precious boat! Extend the life and enhance the strength of the wooden parts of your boat with the Boatlife Git-Rot Rx for Dry Rot. Just inject the formulation into the wood. The adhesive penetrates into.

2006/04/24 · Back Fishing View All Fishing Rods Fishing Reels Fishing Rod & Reel Combos Fishing Tools & Tackle Boxes Fishing Line Fly Fishing Fishing Bait. Git Rot - 4 oz.--Unique two-part liquid epoxy saturates and restores original strength to wood by penetrating the rot. Not necessary to remove loose rotted fibers. Wood must be dry. Apply by injecting into wood. Soaks into wood by.

Aluminum Boat Transom Repair Tips - Boat Life.

2011/06/24 · Re: got git-rot? OK, one for and one against. Near as I can tell, the boat is solid; I've pulled hatches/deck covers and hull and stringers seem good. The inside of the transom is cracked around upper bolt holes and rather than repair it. 2011/03/12 · I have a friend who has a 1986 18' Crestliner and the plywood in the transom is rotten. We are stumped on how to go about removing the plywood. He removed the top cap of the transom and attempted to pull the plywood out but it. 2019/10/10 · I got a tip from a guy that this may be due to transom rot due to water sneaking in the Crestliner cap! This happened to his Crestliner. My exposed wood looks ok but I can't see the wood near the top of the transom. I am fearing.

Transom Rot-gctid751016 07-14-2016, 09:39 PM have a 1985 Bayliner Capri with an outboard and I recently noticed some rot in the transom where the swim platform is bolted through the transom behind the battery. It appears to. 2019/12/27 · What you are suggesting sounds like a good quick fix, but the next thing to pull through the transom will likely be the Git-Rot along with the bolts, and it will make a bigger hole. I would suggest doing a core sample of your transom. 2013/02/12 · I do have a package of Git Rot but its a small package. I hate the idea of drilling holes in a grid throughout the transom because I hate the idea of patching them afterwards but there may be no other option. Mike I recently realized. 2008/07/09 · Confused - CPES, Git Rot, or replace wood and be sure? I think I caught it early but after reading for a while, then cutting the cap off the transom and drilling holes I am not sure what I have, besides a problem.

Is Patching this Transom Possible?.or safe? [Archive.

I don't know anything about the SeaCast product. But, there is a product that you can look into. It's called Git-Rot and is available at Boater's World and other stores.

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